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Alexander Brackebusch, M.A.



Research Interests

Political history, constitutional history, history of transformation, cultural history.


Alexander Brackebusch is a Doctoral Candidate in “American Cultural History and Transatlantic Studies” at LMU’s Graduate School for Languages and Literatures (Class of Culture and History). His research interests center around political history and the history of transformation, with a focus on the American presidency and the U.S. Constitution.
Alexander received his Master’s degree in “American History, Culture and Society” from LMU’s Amerika-Institut in 2021. In his Master’s thesis, he examined historical transformations of conception, role, and conduct of the American presidency. Alexander also received a supplementary postgraduate certificate in Intercultural Communication (ICCP) from LMU’s Institute for Intercultural Communication. Prior to his M.A., he completed his Bachelor’s degree in “North American Studies,” with a minor in “Languages, Literatures and Cultures” in 2019. His Bachelor’s thesis analyzed the political motivations behind Andrew Jackson’s Maysville Road Veto of 1830.
In his dissertation project, Alexander examines failed amendments to the U.S. Constitution and informal constitutional change.