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Ricardo Singh

Ricardo Singh, M.A.




“U.S. Metro Systems: Challenges and Chances for Public Transit in Urban America“

(betreut durch Frau Prof. Dr. Ursula Prutsch und Herrn Prof. Dr. Michael Hochgeschwender)

Academic Profile

Ricardo Singh studied North American Studies (B.A.) with a minor in Geography and
American History, Culture and Society (M.A.) at LMU Munich. In 2019, he joined the
structured PhD program of LMU Munich in the Class of Culture and History. His major focus
lies on American politics and mobility.

His dissertation focuses on public rapid transit in urban America. (working title: “U.S. Metro
Systems: Challenges and Chances for Rapid Transit in Urban America“) Beginning with the
individual histories of mobility in American cities, the project seeks to identify political
challenges and chances for rapid transit in an altering urban environment with the Smart
City, environmental awareness and Urban Ethics in between varying political interests.
The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Ursula Prutsch and Prof. Dr. Michael

Further fields of interests include transatlantic relations, diplomatic history, urban planning,
American foreign policy and culture.

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